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Bike Karma EP 39 Defeet Cycling Socks- Best Buddies Cycling- and more

June 2, 2019

Bike Karma EP39:  Segments


1- DeFeet Cycling socks with company founder Shane Cooper

2- Best Buddies Cycling - Richard Fries and Fred Thomas

& Sell your bike stuff with The Frame and Wheel

3- Farewell to Tarran the Intern & Mid-roll Invitation to do the ABC Quick Check (directions in show)- 24 hour recording Line 860-740-2813

4- Thanks for following and leaving positive reviews. 

5- Swap meets and The Wethersfield Bicycle Festival

6- Greg and Bert the Cycling Dog from Tuscon, AZ

7- Announcements, Thanks, Announcements, and Credits  

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The Mission of the Bike Karma Podcast is just to be a friendly point on the map for anyone who loves any type of bicycle to make connections with other bicycle enthusiasts from inside and outside of their own camps. From riding, to fixing, to collecting... from beginners to champions... from the garage workshop to the peloton... we've either covered it or are planning on it.... It is not meant to be a guidebook (you should think for yourself and safely ride within your abilities) just interesting stories. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 
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